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The Top 100 Contemporary Jazz Songs – #93 | Urban Knights – The Rose

Here’s another entry into the collection otherwise known as “The Top 100 Contemporary Jazz Songs” on T.U.M.S.
The single you are about to hear has to be one of the most startling yet revealing arrangements ever made for cjazz. The focus of the composition is spiritual by nature, but the entire track seemingly will stick with your ears for a long time to come.

The Top 100 Contemporary Jazz Songs – #94 | Najee – Betcha Don’t Know

…and I bet y’all didn’t know my saxophone brother’s career would grow to fruition after this master classic.
One of the FINEST contemporary jazz sax players of the art: NAJEE, brought joy to the world when he arrived to the scene with breakout R&B/Jazz classic single “Betcha Don’t Know.” Found on debut LP, “Najee’s Theme” in 1986, So much so…

The Top 100 Contemporary Jazz Songs – #95 | Checkfield – Through The Lens

The power of Contemporary Jazz Music…
So many styles, contrasts…angles.
A jazz group that was formed in San Diego back in 1982 – Checkfield, did just that when they released obscure, home run hitter “Through The Lens” (1988-American Gramaphone Records). A single that steadily grew in popularity over the years from the initial release date, title track “Through The Lens” is the embodiment of what a well composed, well rounded, openly instrumental cjazz single should sound like. It ages like fine wine…

The Top 100 Contemporary Jazz Songs – #96 | Bobby Lyle – Ivory Dreams

Whats Happening Jazz Lovers…
This one was a ‘selective’ choice, not chosen because it was a big Billboard Singles hit or blazed the charts throughout the globe back in the day.  Considering how big of a fan I am of legendary contemporary jazz pianist Bobby Lyle‘s work, I came to a decision to add the title track from stellar 1989 album “Ivory Dreams” (Atlantic Records).

The Top 100 Contemporary Jazz Songs – #97 | The Staff – Joy

Here’s a good one. It just might go on ‘repeat.’
Quite possibly one of the finest “sleepers” in contemporary jazz singles is this spiritually revealing track “Joy” from collaborative ensemble The Staff. Featured on their debut self-titled album (Pioneer Entertainment) from 2000, “Joy” received a great deal of spins and playback on countless cjazz – smooth jazz radio dials and channels no less than 20 years ago and is now getting ready to receive some more on T.U.M.S.

The Top 100 Contemporary Jazz Songs – #98 | Herb Alpert – Fragile

I bet most of you didn’t know Jazz Trumpet Legend Herb Alpert did this…
Back in 1988, Mr. Alpert released a cover of one of the finest late 70’s/early 80’s new wave rock band Police – frontman Sting’s classic, meaningful hit “Fragile” from album ‘Under A Spanish Moon.’ Other than charting numerous singles, Herb graced the horn effortlessly throughout the composition and like I said about cjazz brethren Earl Klugh, …he took it straight to the top.

The Top 100 Contemporary Jazz Songs – #99 | Earl Klugh – Dance With Me

It’s going to be a long night…..literally.
One of the greatest joys of Contemporary Jazz music is the ability of the jazz artist back in the day to do a well done, well executed, well released version – rendition – cover of a hit track from any given genre in the music industry. Re-release it as their very own, and watch it take FLIGHT.

UK Jazz Singer Fiona Ross Releases New Album “Thoughts, Conversations and To Do Lists” | LISTEN!

UK Jazz Artist Fiona Ross Captures the Bustle, Profundity and Glamour of the Everyday on New Album Thoughts, Conversations, and To Do Lists
Jazz singer-songwriter Fiona Ross undertakes the difficulty of capturing the everyday – via both its birds-eye view and its sharp, minute detail – on her new album Thoughts, Conversations and To Do Lists – available now.

Contemporary Jazz Saxophonist Anthony Bruno Releases New Self-Titled Album | LISTEN!

Chicago based
Anthony Bruno releases his
“self-titled” recording
Life events inspire the best recorded music and living through a pandemic, falling out of love, back in love and out again all resulted in the making of the record, “Anthony Bruno.” Writing a series of original songs as the soundtrack to his life was a cathartic process needed to move forward through heartbreak, sadness, and depression.