The Top 100 Contemporary Jazz Songs – #98 | Herb Alpert – Fragile

I bet most of you didn’t know Jazz Trumpet Legend Herb Alpert did this…

Back in 1988, Mr. Alpert released a cover of one of the finest late 70’s/early 80’s new wave rock band Police – frontman Sting’s classic, meaningful hit “Fragile” from album ‘Under A Spanish Moon.’ Other than charting numerous singles, Herb graced the horn effortlessly throughout the composition and like I said about cjazz brethren Earl Klugh,…he took it straight to the top.

The A&M Records release featured various latin jazz tracks, but this one stuck out. Aside from his #1 Billboard giant single “Rise” back in 1979, his major rendition of hits “The Lady In My Life, “Over The Rainbow” & more (I will feature another track on this list shortly), his discography will always be a historic treasure to all…and for…contemporary jazz music. Grab this one.

Get ready, there’s mo’ coming. I’m still flipping sides.

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Terrill Hanna/Publisher – Owner
The Urban Music