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New Music – 2024

Jazz/R&B Singer Ashleigh Smith Releases New Single “I Can’t Help It” | LISTEN! New Album “In The Rain” Coming in 2024

Jazz/R&B singer-songwriter Ashleigh Smith can’t help being herself
The new single, “I Can’t Help It,” previews her second album, “In The Rain.”
ARLINGTON (22 NOVEMBER 2023): The title of singer-songwriter Ashleigh Smith’s new single, “I Can’t Help It,” aligns with her identity as an artist. Her recordings are unapologetic and unabashed amalgams of straight-ahead jazz cadences and soulful R&B grooves with sophisticated pop appeal…

Drummer Reggie Quinerly to Release New Project “The Thousandth Scholar” on January 19th, 2024 | WATCH NEW VIDEO!

Drummer-Composer Reggie Quinerly Explores the Possibilities of Afro-Latin Jazz with the January 19 Release of “The Thousandth Scholar” on Redefinition Music
RICHMOND, Calif., Nov. 16, 2023 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ — The rich straight-ahead jazz of Reggie Quinerly gets an Afro-Caribbean spin with “The Thousandth Scholar,” to be released January 19 on his own Redefinition Music.

Bassist David Barber to Release New Album “DB & the Soho Nine-Six” on January 26th, 2024

Bassist/Composer David Barber
to release new recording
“DB & the Soho Nine-Six”
DB & the Soho Nine-Six is the highly anticipated self-titled debut of American bassist David Barber, slated for global release on January 26, 2024. Drawing inspiration from jazz, rock, funk, and more, this album is packed with deep grooves, tight arrangements, and vivid, memorable melodies…

Pianist Walter Kemp 3 to Release New Project “Black Whole Live” on January 26th, 2024

Pianist/Composer Walter Kemp 3
to release new recording
– Black Whole Live”
Release Date: January 26th, 2024
We invite you to take a seat in preparation for a sonic dose of musical brilliance. The Walter Kemp 3 International Superband Black Whole’s highly-anticipated first single is enjoying station play and offering tour-goers an unforgettably immersive sound experience.

Saxophonist Hiruy Tirfe to Release Debut Album “10,000 Hours” on January 26th, 2024

Hiruy Tirfe
to release debut recording
10,000 Hours
Release Date: January 26th, 2024
Hiruy Tirfe‘s debut project, “10,000 Hours,” is a captivating soundscape deeply rooted in the music scene of Philadelphia, PA, where the essence of the city’s unique sound permeates every note.

Saxophonist Ada Rovatti to Release 7th New Album “The Hidden World of Piloo” on January 19th, 2024

Saxophonist Ada Rovatti Delivers a Captivating Collection of Original Songs with Wide-Ranging Thematic Surprises Around Every Corner on Her Seventh Album,
The Hidden World of Piloo
Featuring Niki Haris, Fay Claassen, Alma Naidu,
Kurt Elling and Randy Brecker
Italy-born, Long Island, New York-based saxophonist/arranger Ada Rovatti delivers a captivating collection of original songs with wide-ranging thematic surprises around every corner.

U.K. Songstress Gabrielle to Release New Album “A Place in Your Heart” on May 10th, 2024

Gabrielle is back with her new studio album ‘A Place in Your Heart’ – 10th May 2024 on Tag8/BMG.
From her early hits ‘Dreams’ and ‘Rise’ to her recent accolades from both Adele and Stormzy, Gabrielle retains her place as one of the UK’s most successful and beloved artists.