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Rising R&B Singer Ebony Riley Releases New Single “Mirror” | WATCH NEW VIDEO!

The R&B Songstress Released Her Self-Titled Debut EP In 2023
Rising R&B star Ebony Riley (Riley Montana, Inc./Interscope Records) is back with her first single of 2024, a soft but empowering single titled “Mirror.” In the song, the singer gets introspective and writes an intimate letter to herself exploring who she is, what she wants, and what she deserves for herself.

Singer Chris Blue Releases New Gospel Project “Foundations: The Hymns of My Heart” (Deluxe) | LISTEN!

Chris Blue shares his adoration for music from the church with Foundations: The Hymns of My Heart (Deluxe)
Season 12 winner from The Voice in 2017 with Team Alicia Keys, Chris Blue, showed off his R&B and soul expertise, concluding with “Money on You,” reaching # 66 on the Billboard Top 100. Now Blue’s buttery and powerful pipes are being showcased on his debut full-length, Foundations; The Hymns of My Heart (Deluxe), embracing his church roots since he was 3 years of age.

Brooklyn-Born R&B/Soul Singer Johnny Burgos to Release New Album “All I Ever Wonder” on June 28th, 2024 | LISTEN!

Brooklyn-born singer, songwriter and producer Johnny Burgos teams up with veteran soul producer Jeremy Page in All I Ever Wonder, a vividly vulnerable and honest album containing 11 tracks of timeless soul, buttery R&B, and infectious grooves, both novelty and nostalgia
Brooklyn-born singer, songwriter, and producer Johnny Burgos converges with veteran soul producer, Jeremy Page, (Kendra Morris / Czarface / MF Doom) to offer their first joint album together, All I Ever Wonder.

NEW VOICES: R&B Singer Katrina Carson to Release New Single “Selfish” on June 7th, 2024 | WATCH NEW VIDEO!

R&B Singer Katrina Carson to Release New Single “Selfish”
Katrina Carson enters right on time for the summer as she releases her newest single “SELFISH”. The latest single from the vocalist, brings her right back into form with the Rhythmic midtempo grinder that has her singing her rawest, and powerful as ever.

Singer Lori Glori Releases New Single “Count Your Blessings” | WATCH NEW VIDEO!

CAPP Records is excited to introduce an incredible new, original track from a powerhouse singer and songwriter, Lori Glori. The track, Count Your Blessings, is itself a testament to the energy, attitude, and faith of Lori herself. In fact, her story of courage and determination will draw you in as much as the heartfelt songwriting and polished production that you’ll find in our remixes.

Vocalist Laticia Carrington Releases New Single “Young Heart” | LISTEN!

Vocalist Laticia Carrington Releases New Single “Young Heart”
The melodious, powerful, dynamic sound will captivate your heart as well as your soul, Laticia Carrington is a natural, multi-talented artist whose creative energies radiates a sound of soul. Laticia has an artistic style of her own that is a refreshing tone to this competitive market.

UK R&B Singer Lewis Edwards Releases New Single “If I Couldn’t” | LISTEN!

Lewis Edwards’ Latest Release “If I Couldn’t” Redefines Indie R&B with Soul-Stirring Honesty
Lewis Edwards, rising star in the realm of R&B and Contemporary R&B, unveils his latest masterpiece, “If I Couldn’t”. Born and bred in the UK, Edwards enchants audiences with his raw emotion, lyrical depth, and velvety vocals that seamlessly dance over intricate melodies and compelling rhythms.

Christian/R&B Singer TreVante Releases New Single “Remember” | LISTEN!

TreVante Halliburton is no stranger to the hard work demanded of him by the notoriously competitive music industry. While most teenage boys were worried about grades and girls, TreVante was perfecting his craft on the road to stardom.

Trumpeter/Singer Jeremy Turgeon Releases New Single “Turned It Around” | LISTEN!

Trumpeter/Singer Jeremy Turgeon Releases New Single “Turned It Around”
Jeremy Turgeon is a trumpeter and vocalist from Springfield, Massachusetts. Currently based in Charlotte, North Carolina, his style behind the mic has captured audiences from near and far.