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R&B Group Az Yet Releases Cover of Classic Ballad “Send For Me” | WATCH NEW VIDEO!

Az Yet spreads some love for old school R&B sensations, Atlantic Starr
One of R&B and eventually pop charting bands, Atlantic Starr, developed a very successful run with “Circles,” “Secret Lover,” i.e. from the late 70’s through early nineties, even with some personnel changes.

Gospel Singer John P. Kee Releases “Tribute to A Legend: Rance Allen, Chapter Two E.P.” | LISTEN!

John P. Kee express his gratitude for gospel icon Rance Allen by extending his special tribute
In 2023, John P. Kee laid down the first of two recorded dedicated to more than just a hero. Rance Allen (who passed in 2020) and his brothers Thomas and Steve, otherwise known as The Rance Allen Group, clearly broke open the gates between sanctified and soul for over five decades.

Sheila E. Releases New Single “Bemba Colorá” feat Gloria Estefan & Mimy Succar | WATCH NEW VIDEO!

Sheila E, Gloria Estefan and Mimy Succar pay astounding homage to Celia Cruz on “Bemba Colorá”
When Sheila E stepped out strutting her vocals and drums on “The Glamourous Life” – the 1984 dance gem co-produced and written by Prince, this was a grand opening of a gifted musician (a co-recipient of the Latin Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award in 2021 with her father Pete Escovedo) who has crossed several genres in astounding style.

R&B Singer Ledisi Releases New Single “Perfect Stranger” feat. Kenny Lattimore | WATCH NEW VIDEO!

Ledisi & Kenny Lattimore are meant to be the “Perfect Stranger”
Time after time since making her breakthrough in 2007, Ledisi has shaped her career crossing over soul, jazz, and gospel with multiple NAACP and Grammy nominations (winning Best Traditional R&B Performance for a 2021 Nina Simone tribute).

Singer Franchesca Releases New Single “Inner Me” | WATCH NEW VIDEO!

Franchesca watches out for that “Inner Me”
In this era of increasingly busy internets, YouTube can offer uplifting teaching tools. For the past five years, R&B Christian singer/songwriter Franchesca has built a potent and distinctive music ministry in stirring those of faith and others to steer the emotional valleys. Videos such as “I Am Loved” and “Created for This” solidify there is a hope beyond past messes.

The Top 100 Contemporary Jazz Songs – #94 | Najee – Betcha Don’t Know

…and I bet y’all didn’t know my saxophone brother’s career would grow to fruition after this master classic.
One of the FINEST contemporary jazz sax players of the art: NAJEE, brought joy to the world when he arrived to the scene with breakout R&B/Jazz classic single “Betcha Don’t Know.” Found on debut LP, “Najee’s Theme” in 1986, So much so…

Soul Songstress Sy Smith to Release 6th Studio Album “Until We Meet Again” on January 26th, 2024 | LISTEN! Announces Tour Dates for 2024

Soul Songstress Sy Smith to Release New Album “Until We Meet Again”
Coming to the airwaves in January 2024 comes the return of soul music siren Sy Smith and her well anticipated new feature “Until We Meet Again.” One of the singles from the new album, lead track “Slide” is already generating major traction as we head into the new year.

R&B Legend Charlie Wilson Releases New Single “Superman” | LISTEN!

Charlie Wilson pays homage to his wife with his latest single, “Superman”
Almost everyone familiar with pop culture knows the story of the superhero Superman and his love interest, newspaper reporter Lois Lane. This DC Comic is etched in comic book history, yet when Charlie Wilson, AKA Uncle Charlie, recaptures the story as only his soulfully dynamite voice could handle, many ears should start perking.

Brandy Releases Official Music Video for “Christmas Party For Two” | WATCH!

Brandy invites her special someone to a “Christmas Party for Two”
Brandy’s accomplishments cross over near three decades between a singer/songwriter who raised the game in R&B and an actress who blazed the TV comedy screens, beginning with Moesha. Though she is a confident entertainer, it is that stunning voice whose tone shifts easily, communicating every necessary detail behind her storylines.

Singer Jon Reddick Releases Holiday Song “Someday at Christmas” | LISTEN!

Jon Reddick presents his immense talents for a Motown holiday favorite “Someday at Christmas”
As one of today’s prolific worship leaders and one of contemporary Christian’s respected singer/songwriters/musicians, Jon Reddick has followed his spiritual heart since being raised by his parents in the church.