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Brandy Releases Official Music Video for “Christmas Party For Two” | WATCH!

Brandy invites her special someone to a “Christmas Party for Two”
Brandy’s accomplishments cross over near three decades between a singer/songwriter who raised the game in R&B and an actress who blazed the TV comedy screens, beginning with Moesha. Though she is a confident entertainer, it is that stunning voice whose tone shifts easily, communicating every necessary detail behind her storylines.

Singer Jon Reddick Releases Holiday Song “Someday at Christmas” | LISTEN!

Jon Reddick presents his immense talents for a Motown holiday favorite “Someday at Christmas”
As one of today’s prolific worship leaders and one of contemporary Christian’s respected singer/songwriters/musicians, Jon Reddick has followed his spiritual heart since being raised by his parents in the church.

Bob Baldwin Releases New Christmas Single “Funky Winter Wonderland” | LISTEN!

Bob Baldwin sprinkles smooth funk all over “Winter Wonderland”
Uh, huh! Christmas time is fast approaching. Though Thanksgiving has yet to enter our family doorstep in 2023, Bob Baldwin wants to celebrate this moment with his longtime fanbase and anyone who appreciates the charms surrounding Christmas.

Travis Greene & Forward City Release New Album “Strike The Ground” | WATCH NEW VIDEO!

Travis Greene & Forward City ignites the praise and worship platform with Strike the Ground, recorded live at Forward City Church
It is common these days for veteran worship pastors to add pulpit pastor to their evolving ministry (i.e., Smokie Norful, Tauren Wells). Another of those crossing over with their giftings is Travis Greene.

Halle Bailey Releases Debut New Single “Angel” | WATCH NEW VIDEO!

Halle Bailey from the sister vocal duo Chloe x Halle releases her debut, “Angel”
Since being mentored by international superstar, Beyonce, the R&B vocal duo of Chloe x Halle have blazed the charts earning several Grammy nominations. Awhile back, Chloe stepped out for her solo spotlight as a multi- hit-making artist in the past three years. Eventually in 2023, Halle and her angelic soprano would establish her solo platform.

Moby Releases “In My Heart” ft. Gregory Porter (Resound NYC Version) | WATCH NEW VIDEO!

Moby invites Gregory Porter for a majestic moment entitled In My Heart (Resound NYC Version)
When two bold musical minds from two different genres contribute their gifts, the song can pack a punch and breathe new life – if the artistic match registers collaborative achievement. DJ/producer/musician Moby’s absolute knack in meshing with talents ranging from country legend Kris Kristofferson to Angie Stone sometimes leads to reinventing his previous catalog.

The Top 100 Contemporary Jazz Songs – #96 | Bobby Lyle – Ivory Dreams

Whats Happening Jazz Lovers…
This one was a ‘selective’ choice, not chosen because it was a big Billboard Singles hit or blazed the charts throughout the globe back in the day.  Considering how big of a fan I am of legendary contemporary jazz pianist Bobby Lyle‘s work, I came to a decision to add the title track from stellar 1989 album “Ivory Dreams” (Atlantic Records).

The Top 100 Contemporary Jazz Songs – #97 | The Staff – Joy

Here’s a good one. It just might go on ‘repeat.’
Quite possibly one of the finest “sleepers” in contemporary jazz singles is this spiritually revealing track “Joy” from collaborative ensemble The Staff. Featured on their debut self-titled album (Pioneer Entertainment) from 2000, “Joy” received a great deal of spins and playback on countless cjazz – smooth jazz radio dials and channels no less than 20 years ago and is now getting ready to receive some more on T.U.M.S.

Soul Legend William Bell Releases New Single “Let’s Make Loving Great Again” | WATCH NEW VIDEO!

William Bell provides a lifetime teaching moment with his latest track, “Let’s Make Loving Great Again”
With an extensive list of credentials including membership in The Memphis Music Hall of Fame, William Bell is one of Stax Records’ eternal southern soulful gems. His current label Wilbe Records was voted Record Label of the Year at the Southern Konnection Radio and DJ Conference in 2004.

R&B Legend Miki Howard Releases New Single “Number One Fan” | LISTEN! New Album “Meha” is Available NOW

Singer/Songwriter Miki Howard’s brand-new single, “Number One Fan” is a track off her unique tribute CD
Through the on and off-stage tribulations that shadowed her career, her stunning voice bridging soul and gospel with stunning jazz phrasing has always been appreciated by her audiences. Miki Howard’s defining hit, ”Love Under New Management” (the inspiration for the 2016 autobiographical film of the same name) demonstrated a vocal finesse that produced several albums in the top R&B 100 charts since the mid-eighties.