Singer Franchesca Releases New Single “Inner Me” | WATCH NEW VIDEO!

Franchesca watches out for that “Inner Me”

In this era of increasingly busy internets, YouTube can offer uplifting teaching tools. For the past five years, R&B Christian singer/songwriter Franchesca has built a potent and distinctive music ministry in stirring those of faith and others to steer the emotional valleys. Videos such as “I Am Loved” and “Created for This” solidify there is a hope beyond past messes.

The storyline behind Franchesca’s latest video for “Inner Me,” touches on the unstable transition from childhood to a more spiritually free adulthood: “I’m detoxing from everything that’s Toxic/I don’t do the gossip so stay from Round me with the drama/Busy healing from my trauma, can You relate? I’m right here doing all it takes.”

A special acknowledgement goes to production team Grade A Concepts (who have teamed with Franchesca on her videos) in crafting sensitive mini movies illustrating the steps in taking care of ourselves – so we can love on humankind.

The “Inner Me” video and single (P&L Records) is currently available.

Peggy Oliver
The Urban Music Scene