Brooklyn-Born R&B/Soul Singer Johnny Burgos to Release New Album “All I Ever Wonder” on June 28th, 2024 | LISTEN!

Brooklyn-born singer, songwriter and producer Johnny Burgos teams up with veteran soul producer Jeremy Page in All I Ever Wonder, a vividly vulnerable and honest album containing 11 tracks of timeless soul, buttery R&B, and infectious grooves, both novelty and nostalgia

Brooklyn-born singer, songwriter, and producer Johnny Burgos converges with veteran soul producer, Jeremy Page, (Kendra Morris / Czarface / MF Doom) to offer their first joint album together, All I Ever Wonder. The album is a vividly vulnerable and honest effort by Burgos, lyrically and vocally, supported effortlessly by Page’s masterful production. The pairing of the two seems meant to be, with a sound steeped in retro soul techniques, in equal parts novelty and nostalgia, equaling a timelessness that speaks to the humanity in all of us.

Though soul is the connective thread running throughout the album, its influences are nonetheless varied. From the finger-snapping R&B grooves of album opener “Play For Keeps”, to the afro-tropical inspirations of “Puddin’s In The Proof”, passing through the disco-funk vibes of “Something’s Gotta Give”, rap in “Trust Issues”, or gorgeous retro soul ballads such as the titletrack, this duo makes a perfect vibe seem effortless.

On “Get Back”, Burgos harnesses the power of R&B to construct an anthem about moving on but keeping the memories alive. In this Dilla meets Smokey Robinson single, Burgos and Page explore the sonic landscape that comes with that kind of heartache. Chime-y electric piano chords swirl around an irresistible bass and drum groove. And over all these layers and textures, Burgos’ beautiful voice fits like a glove.

“This Vibe” is a funky, feel-good ode to living in the moment and self-acceptance, born from the electric energy of summer in NYC. Page’s production is heavily nostalgic of MJ & Quincy’s classic pop-funk style, while Burgos’ performance is equally novel as he weaves through multiple cadences, reinventing himself each time. Together the two seem to levitate for the infectiously fulfilling chorus, engulfing the listener in a wave of sentiment.

Album closer “Old Man feat. Liza Colby” is a cover of the Neil Young classic, and provides a vulnerable and retrospective look at a complex paternal relationship, the cycle of generational trauma within it, and the personal pursuit to end that cycle within yourself. The production aesthetic exudes a nostalgic ambiance, enhanced by the stunning vocal performance and pairing of Burgos and Colby which verberates with profound emotional resonance.