WATCH NEW VIDEO! R&B/Soul Singer Tracy Cruz Releases New EP “H3artifacts”

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H3ARtifacts, the first of a trilogy from vocalist Tracy Cruz, steers completely away her neo-soul vibe from the past yet sticks with an unyielding soulful heart

With just a piano and voice in the studio, many of those expressions and emotions are even further exposed without the extra production clutter. This is the route popular Bay Area singer/songwriter Tracy Cruz has effectively chosen for the first of a trilogy capturing the heartbreak of bad decisions and the road to healing afterwards. Frankly, this artistic move by Cruz for H3artifacts, who concentrated on more full-on unique neo-soul arrangements for her previous work “Feel’osophy” and “Universoul Symphony,” suits her sweeping vocals and vulnerable delivery on a much higher level. Two singles in particular illustrate the roller coaster ride she has experienced of late. The gospel/jazz-tinged, “My H3ard Says To You” explores the moments that resulted in regret and afterwards asking for forgiveness. On the other side of this heartbreak, “Losing in Love” finds Cruz reliving her personal hurts that temporarily shattered her confidence.

Cruz has taken bold, yet huge steps in her career, all thanks to the four tracks that comprise H3artifacts, which is now available through the usual digital music outlets, including Amazon and iTunes.

Peggy Oliver
The Urban Music Scene

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