New Album by Late Songbird VESTA | “Seven” to Finally be Released March 26th | New Single “Better Days” Avail NOW

The WEEKEND is still here, and we have some great news to share!

The late Mary Vesta Williams, otherwise lovingly known to the Soul music community as VESTA, will have her final music revealed. The posthomous album, “SEVEN” is set to be released on March 26th, 2013 from Xenon. The single is now available on iTunes, Amazon and other various online retailers. For those who still have not heard the single, we provided a YouTube music video track down below.

VESTA was a great staple in the R&B/Soul movement of the mid-late 80’s, and beyond. Once a session singer, VESTA broke loose with many Top 10 R&B hits, such as “Once Bitten, Twice Shy”, “Congratulations”, “Sweet, Sweet Love” & “Special”. Many more CD’s arrived to our doorsteps from over the years, the most recent on Shanachie Records entitled, “Distant Lover” in 2007. “SEVEN” is definitely a recording many, if not, most of us have been waiting for.

We are looking forward to the release, mark your calendars.

UPDATE March 28th, 2013: The new album is available NOW!

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