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Country-Neo-Pop Artist Roberta Lea to Release New Single “Too Much Of A Woman” on March 24th, 2023 | LISTEN!

Roberta Lea teams up with stellar female musicians across U.S. for powerful anthem.
Country-Neo-Pop artist Roberta Lea is releasing the full track to her mic-dropping anthem “Too Much of a Woman” featuring some of the most talented musicians in the U.S. – and they’re all women. Dubbed a “dis track to misogyny,” the mid-tempo powerhouse is the first single from Lea’s highly-anticipated album of the same title.

Gospel Singer Melvin Crispell III Releases New Single “Alright” | LISTEN!

Nashville, TN (February 2023) – Chart-topping GRAMMY®, Dove and Stellar Award nominated artist, Melvin Crispell III, has released his latest single and lyric video for “Alright.”

R&B Songstress Lettrice Lawrence Releases New Single “My Secret Lies” | LISTEN!

Songstress Lettrice Lawrence Releases New Single “My Secret Lies”
Lettrice has worked with Barbra Streisand on her Timeless Tour, Herman Andrus, Clifton Davis, Mopreme Shakur, The Boys, Ralph Johnson (Earth, Wind, & Fire), B.B. King Showcases, South East Symphony for 8 years (Anthony Parnther), San Bernardino Symphony,…

Singer Roderick Harper to Release New Single “Genuine” on March 13th, 2023 | WATCH NEW VIDEO!

Singer Roderick Harper to Release New Single “Genuine”
Roderick has been singing almost as long as he has been speaking. Since that time he has worked with Clarinetist Alvin Batiste, Pianist Ellis Marsalis, The Lincoln Center Jazz Orchestra and numerous others. His recordings are as follows:…

Counting With The Beat: A Musical Approach to Mathematics Education

Counting with the beat: a musical approach to mathematics education
This article explores the connection between music and mathematics education. You’ll learn about different ways to use melody in the classroom.
Music and mathematics may seem unrelated, but they share a fundamental connection. Both involve patterns and rhythms, and students who struggle with math may find it easier. They will grasp mathematical concepts when taught through melody. Integrating music into math lessons can help students engage with the book material. It will be easy to remember important concepts.

Leveraging Music to Empower Students in Addressing Social Issues

Leveraging Music to Empower Students in Addressing Social Issues
What are the most crucial social issues students should know about? How can music make a change and deal with many problems? Read on to find out.
Education has long been seen as the means to both economic advancement and eradicating poverty. But the path to it is fraught with social difficulties. At the same time, music has always been a record of significant events and a reflection of cultural attitudes.

3 Music Stars Who Are Frequent Presences At Horse Races

3 Music Stars Who Are Frequent Presences At Horse Races
There are few sports as glamorous than horse racing, with Hollywood A-listers and sports stars often taking in a day at the track when they have the free time. It’s a sport that is loved by all no matter of the day job, and that is the same when it comes to musical stars that are often seen sharing the excitement of the biggest days on the calendar at tracks such as Churchill Downs, Cheltenham, and Ascot.

Gospel Singer Kelontae Gavin Releases New Single “Live Again” | WATCH NEW VIDEO!

Nashville, TN (March 10, 2023) – Chart-topper Kelontae Gavin has released his new single and music video for “Live Again.” The Stellar Award-winning singer/songwriter performs a powerful song of encouragement and spiritual testimony with “Live Again,” marking his lead single from his upcoming new album.

Neo Soul Singer KEA to Release New Single “We Made It Thru” on March 31st, 2023

Neo soul singer-songwriter KEA delivers a triumphant message on new single
“We Made It Thru” drops March 31 after two performances during SXSW.
PITTSBURGH (9 March 2023): Empowerment and transformation are key themes that come up repeatedly in neo soul singer-songwriter KEA’s poetic storytelling lyrics. While there are clear stylistic changes heard on her forthcoming single, the celebratory up-tempo “We Made It Thru,” her message – and her brand – remains the same:…