How Urban Music Boosts Academic Performance?

How Urban Music Boosts Academic Performance?

Music has healing powers, and no one can deny that. You will invariably look for a song that can heal your mental health and calm you down. Also, when you have an assignment due the next day, you might as well put your headphones on and work on your papers while listening to your favourite song.

While all types of music have equal contributions, urban music has been preferred by several students from different academic levels. The genre originated as a response to disco’s massive popularity in the 1970s and is defined as a combination of Black genres, namely R&B, pop-rap, quiet storm, urban adult contemporary, hip-hop and Latin music.

Popular MBA essay writing service providers like MyAssignmentHelp have also talked about the significance of music in a student’s academic journey. In this blog, we will explore the ways urban music helps boost academic performance.

Learning Inspiration
Research shows that schools and colleges with music education have an average of 90.2% graduation rate and 93.9% attendance rate compared to the ones that do not have music education. This proves how music makes students more interested in learning. Further, listening to hip-hop or rap music makes you more energetic and makes you study with full enthusiasm. Since students tend to avoid studying and use that time to do something else, it is crucial to find a way to make them learn their lessons. Also, when you have your assignment due the next day, the only way to keep your eyes open and work on the tasks properly is by listening to any type of urban music.

Better Creative Skills
‘Brain cells are lit. Ideas start to hit/Nest the formation of words that fit/At the table I sit, making it legit/And when my pen hits the paper. Ah shit!’ Imagine Big Daddy Kane saying these lines when you sit to study. Won’t you be motivated to work on your papers and add your unique touch to them? That’s exactly what urban music does to your creative skills. It makes you look for ways to make your paper stand out from the crowd, and you automatically look for words or phrases that can help you make a difference. There have been researches where scientists have claimed that upbeat music can boost innovative thinking and help produce original ideas. So, if you are yet to implement this technique, do it now to see the results.

Better Language Skills
Urban music uses lyrics that can make you think and learn a few innovative ways to use the language. In fact, it makes you better at the language and helps you learn about unique words. The ones who face difficulties writing or speaking English can benefit out of music. These songs connect at a different level and the artists use great techniques to dissect words and use them intelligently. What books cannot teach you, some hip-hop or rap songs can do it in a few minutes. Ask your friends who are interested in listening to music about the ways it has helped them gain confidence and be better at the language.

Reducing Anxiety
Getting stressed with exams or assignments is common among all students. It is impossible to get rid of that stress. Small breaks or a short nap might give some sort of relief, but stress with deadlines or completing the syllabus keeps haunting you. As mentioned in the beginning, music has healing powers. When you feel too anxious, play your favourite song when you sit to study. There have been arguments where scientists have claimed that music has the power to slow down your pulse and heart rate and also reduce the hormone level, causing anxiety. The only way you can understand this is by implementing the same in your life.

Enhanced Problem-Solving Skills
Urban music, as discussed earlier, entails a lot of types. So, when you listen to the different types, you will automatically be forced to process different lyrics and melodies. As a consequence, you will learn the ways to process different things. This helps enhance your problem-solving and critical thinking skills. It also helps you have a better working memory and an enhanced processing speed.

Wrapping Up,
You cannot deny the ways music plays an important role in building an academic career. Most of you listen to music when you are with friends or when you are driving. Only a few listen to music while working on assignments or while studying. There are instances where urban music has helped students. The points above will help you understand the ways music can make you a better person and boost your academic performance. Create your playlist and start exploring the different genres to be better in academics.

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