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Singer Terrie Rimson Releases New EP “Out Of My Mind”

In the music industry, there is an invisible push and pull between the artists and fans. Most artists desire to evolve and progress with each single or album. However, most fans have an unspoken request for artists to remain the same yet still produce timeless music. Very rarely does an artist discover the hidden formula of giving the fans exactly what they want and finding peace within themselves to evolve within their music. Some may call it fate or luck, but artist like TERRIE RIMSON, believes it’s a gift only given by God. Though her career officially began in 2014, her debut album, “Threads of Love,” was released in 2018. From the very beginning, TERRIE has delivered fan pleasing hit after hit. If you listen closely, each single was greater than the former. She still delivered the “Terrie Rimson” sound; but each released presented something new every time. It has been less than a year since we’ve heard the angelic voice of Terrie Rimson. Then, she released her very first jazz single, “Undeniable,” featuring chart-topping jazz saxophonist Justin Young. It received amazing reviews and introduced TERRIE RIMSON to the jazz community.

Today, in collaboration with her son, producer, and CEO of Rhythm Avenew Entertainment, Deryck “D.Rim” Rimson, TERRIE presents a full remix of fan favorite, “Out of My Mind.” Originally listed as the opening track to her debut album, this new release is an EP full of 6 versions of the tune. It houses all the elements the fans have come to know, such as instrumentation from Ronald “CJay” Alexander and Deryck “D.Rim” Rimson as well as background vocals of Brandon Winbush, Taneka Lemle and Terrie Rimson; each version adds a different element. “OUT OF MY MIND (EP)” pays homage to the music of the 80’s and 90’s when fans had the opportunity to appreciate the song in every form.

The EP showcases versions such as an acapella, extended, a remastered, and a jazz version featuring Billboard-topping jazz saxophonist Justin Young and newcomer, Ariel Knight, on background vocals. “Out Of My Mind (feat. Justin Young) [The Jazz Remix]” will be the first release from this EP. It is a re-imagined presentation that takes you on a journey from the first second. The music filters throughout your body, touches the soul and is attracting to the ear. The production showcases the impeccable craftsmanship of writer and producer Deryck “D.Rim” Rimson. He was able to capture and combine the ease of West Coast Hip Hop, the soul-stirring punch of Gospel, and the smooth sounds of jazz greats Gerald Albright, the late Grover Washington Jr, Kirk Whalum, and even the production approach of Quincy Jones. “OUT OF MY MIND (EP)” is another peak in the evolution of Terrie Rimson and continues to peak in the evolution of Terrie Rimson and continues to establish her among musical greatness.


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