R&B Singer Michon Young Releases New Single “Bounce Back” | WATCH NEW LYRIC VIDEO!

R&B Singer Michon Young Releases New Single “Bounce Back”

Michon Young is an artist with a focus on blurring the lines between various genres. Her sound is rooted in R&B, but it also features influences like jazz to spice up her formula to great effect. Originally from Gary, Indiana, but now based in Detroit, Michon was first recognized as a musical talent by pastor Marvin L. Winans, who got her to sing on his first solo album, as well as performing an amazing duet. This was only one of the many exciting pages in her musical journey, as she continued to set the bar higher and inspire others through her music.

Another notable highlight is her successful 2016 chart topper, “Something About You,” which stood out as one of the best Indie Soul songs of the year. With a huge following in the UK and USA, the singer continued to make quality music and explore the full potential of her creativity. She went on to work with a band, The Silky Funk Groove Masters, which allowed her to further expand her sonic palette and discography.

Over the following years, she continued to release well received songs and perform to admiring audiences. Her upcoming track, “Bounce Back” is another great example of what she is capable of. The song has a smooth sound, with world class production. Making music that defies the usual cliches and expectations of R&B can be quite a challenge, but this is exactly why Michon is such an outstanding performer. She set out to take chances, coming up with unique creative ideas while allowing her personality to stand out. “Bounce Back” proves that Michon isn’t in fact just an entertainer, but someone who wants to inspire the audience. The song’s lyrics offer a message of hope and resilience, encouraging people to overcome challenges and come back stronger, even after difficult experiences and setbacks. The slinky, portrayed in the artwork image, is a perfect visual metaphor of the idea of bouncing back.

Michon’s soulful and soothing voice matches the song’s concept to perfection, conveying a strong focus on the emotive lyrics. Clocking in at 3 minutes and 57 seconds, this track is a small R&B jam, with a jazz/fusion twist, which makes it stand out.

Find out more about Michon Young, and do not miss out on her music, including “Bounce Back,” which will be released on Friday, January 19th, 2024.


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