Music Duo Louis York Releases New Ballad “Three Little Words” feat. Tamia | WATCH NEW VIDEO!


(Nashville, TN – January 12, 2024) – Louis York, the illustrious Grammy Award-winning duo comprised of Chuck Harmony and Claude Kelly, continues to make waves with the release of their latest musical gem, “Three Little Words,” featuring the incomparable Tamia. This soulful collaboration, a part of the groundbreaking New American Soul genre pioneered by Louis York, serves as the follow-up to their singles “Heaven Bound” featuring Jessie J and “Alone A Lot” featuring Anthony Hamilton, the latter of which achieved notable success, reaching the Top 15 on the Urban AC Radio Charts.

Crafted by the genius minds of Louis York, Tamia, and the amazing actress/singer/TV host and producer Kathie Lee Gifford, “Three Little Words” seamlessly blends musical prowess with lyrical finesse. The single’s soul-stirring narrative is sure to resonate with listeners, offering a unique and timeless musical experience within the framework of the genre Louis York is developing.

The song holds special significance as it marks Tamia’s first original single since the release of her 2018 album Passion Like Fire, which spawned her #1 hit single “Leave It Smoking.” Louis York and Tamia, both known for creating classic love songs, continue this tradition with “Three Little Words,” which follows in the footsteps of timeless duets.

The accompanying music video, directed by the acclaimed Karl Weidmann, effortlessly complements the song’s emotive journey, inviting viewers into a world where music and storytelling converge.

“Three Little Words” showcases the duo’s commitment to artistic excellence and serves as a sneak peek into Louis York’s highly anticipated upcoming album, Songs With Friends. With each note, the duo continues to push boundaries and redefine the contemporary music landscape, establishing themselves as true trailblazers in the industry.

Louis York’s dedication to delivering unparalleled musical experiences is evident in “Three Little Words,” which is evident in their previous releases. As they embark on this musical journey, Louis York invites fans and music enthusiasts to join them in a celebration of love, artistry, and the boundless possibilities of sound within the New American Soul genre.

Louis York and Tamia share a rich history, having previously collaborated on Tamia’s “Beautiful Surprise,” a song they wrote and produced together, earning a Grammy nomination in the “Best R&B Song” category.

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About Louis York:
Louis York, the Grammy Award-winning duo comprising Chuck Harmony and Claude Kelly, continues to redefine contemporary music with their eclectic sound and innovative approach. With a string of hits and collaborations, Louis York has solidified their place as one of the industry’s most dynamic and sought-after songwriting and production duos. Their upcoming album, Songs With Friends, is poised to be a landmark release, showcasing their unparalleled musical prowess and pushing creative boundaries.

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