Singer Shailaun Releases New Single ‘’What If’’ | WATCH NEW VIDEO!

Shailaun Releases New Single ‘’What If’’

“What If” is an enchanting song written by Shailaun that paints a vivid picture of escaping the world’s woes with a loved one. The song beautifully captures the desire to embark on a carefree adventure, leaving behind societal expectations and embracing the spontaneity of life. Shailaun’s heartfelt lyrics express the dream of flying away to a warm and sunny destination, like an island or Jamaica, seeking solace and happiness with her husband.

With its captivating melody and rhythmic flow, “What If” carries listeners on a journey of love and adventure. The song’s opening verse presents the idea of packing their bags and escaping the mundane, igniting a sense of excitement and anticipation. The infectious and vibrant chorus emphasizes the concept of “vibing out,” inviting listeners to join in the celebration of love and joy.

In the second verse, Shailaun’s lyrics resonate with emotion and delight, portraying the deep connection shared with her husband. The imagery of soaring like the wind and feeling the sun’s warm kisses reflects the beauty and euphoria of love’s embrace.

“What If” is a delightful anthem of love and wanderlust that encourages listeners to cherish precious moments with their loved ones and create unforgettable memories. Shailaun’s expressive songwriting shines through, making “What If” a celebration of love and the joys of exploring life’s adventures together. The song’s vibrant energy and uplifting spirit are sure to captivate hearts and inspire listeners to embrace the freedom of love and discovery.


Olivia Long