Trumpeter Marquis Hill to Release New Single “Stretch (The Body)” feat. Joel Ross on May 12th – LISTEN! New Album “Rituals + Routines” Arrives June 9th, 2023

Trumpeter Marquis Hill to Release New Single “Stretch (The Body)” feat. Joel Ross on May 12th

Renowned Chicagoan trumpeter, producer and composer Marquis Hill continues to dive deeper with the release of his new album “Rituals + Routines”. With his trademark sound on the trumpet and talent for producing, Marquis has created a unique sonic vision, developed in-step with musical colleagues such as Joel Ross, Braxton Cook, G. Thomas Allen and Phoelix.

Everything we bodily do might be considered a kind of Ritual and Routine. From brushing our teeth every morning to saying grace over breakfast — morning stretches to the long day’s night cap — daily shower to midday cup — favorite sweater to favorite kitchen prep — church service to birthday celebration — Communion proper to super bowl Sunday.

The above actions, in which multitudes mundanely participate, indeed hold distinct and significant power and energy when directed and harnessed well—driven by “effectual Intention”.

The rituals and habits we establish in life gradually, greatly both command and commend our lives. These very rituals will eventually take over our lives and we will be controlled by them.
It is crucial that we take our power back, therefore, to more consciously establish rituals and routines meaningfully.

The quality of the rituals and routines established in life, is directly correlated with one’s meaningful success and the ability to manifest in this 3D realm. This project explores the power of thoughtfully, generously establishing one’s own daily rituals and patterns – seeing these as manifest Good intention.

The force behind, in, and pouring-from all effective rituals and routines is largely amplified “directed intention”, something we set well prior to performing.

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