The Use of Modern Technology in Music Creation

The Influence Of Technology On The Creation And Distribution Of Music, Including The Rise Of Streaming Services And Social Media Platforms

The creation of modern music incorporates modern music technology, some of which are suitable for use in social media. Several are described at Readers will learn a brief history of the appearance of stringed instruments, which include harps, lutes, and lyres. Clarinets and percussion instruments (cymbals) were invented.

In the 1980s, powerful microchips appeared, the creation of which marked the beginning of new technology development. Electronic music technology can be used on any device, such as a computer. One of the first innovations was the electric piano, which presses the keys. Subsequently, composers and musicians began to use digital technology.

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How Has Internet Technology Impacted The Development Of The Music Business

Users ask what is music engineering and production, but there are different answers to this question. The business has undergone a transformation process under the impact of technology, one of which was the emergence and development of the Internet. Not so long ago, the leading carriers for recording songs were:

  • vinyl records;
  • audio CDs;
  • CDs.

To stay on trend, retailers had to use new technologies. The creation of one of them belongs to Steve Jobs – the founder of the world-famous company Apple. This is the emergence of his online store to sell popular music tracks.

Moving Into The Digital Plane

As well as engineering in music, streaming, a way of streaming information, has become actively used in the 21st century. Its features are listed below.

  • Information is transferred from the provider to the user
  • Music tracks are stored on a remote server
  • No installation is required for playback

The main difference from analog broadcasting is more options for users. The latter no longer have to keep track of time since listening to songs is done according to their wishes. The second advantage is the comprehensive coverage of content. Deleting old files can free up space on your computer or cell phone. Some of the most well-known services include:

  • iTunes Radio;
  • Yandex Music;
  • Spotify;
  • Google Music.

We can describe each of the platforms separately. For example, iTunes Radio is a free service for Windows and Mac OS owners. The only drawback is the appearance of pop-up ads. You can get rid of it by subscribing to iTunes Match and paying money. This advantage is given to residents of Australia and the United States.

Yandex Music is an accessible resource, but residents of CIS countries most often use it. The latter can run American or European music and listen to world-famous pop stars. Now Sony Music brand songs have become available to users, which has led to an increase in the number of albums. Such a service may compete with analogs in the future.

Spotify is a well-known platform, the owners of which cooperate with many recording studios. There is an extensive archive for music lovers, which is regularly updated with new records:

  • releases;
  • singles;
  • albums.

There are two account options – paid and free (the appropriate one is chosen at your discretion). The first one has the advantage – its owners can download unlimited albums and songs. There is a six-month trial subscription so that music lovers can experience the pros and cons of the platform. During this period, there is an opportunity to listen to music without restrictions.

Google Music is a popular streaming service used by residents of Europe and the United States. Its advantages include the availability of a significant archive of music content. It is accessible to owners of computers with Mac OS and Windows operating systems, as well as smartphones on Android and iOS. There is a radio that can automatically select songs based on your tastes and preferences.

Thanks to the emergence of social networks and their growing popularity, there has been an impact on the development of the music industry. It has become easier for artists and their fans to contact each other. Every famous artist has personal pages on social media, which include:

  • Instagram;
  • Twitter;
  • Facebook.

The musicians were the first to choose the MySpace platform for accessible communication with listeners. It was founded in 2007; the pros included the following features:

  • posting content;
  • blogging;
  • creating personal profiles;
  • founding communities of interest.

By 2000, the service had lost popularity due to the emergence of Facebook. Its audience is 720 million people, and it stays active for 24 hours a day.

The Emergence Of YouTube Video Hosting

YouTube is a well-known service that was founded in 2005. Three people influenced its creation: Javed Harim, Steve Chen, and Chad Hurley. The innovations came after the purchase of Google hosting, and now platform users can perform the following actions with recordings:

  • Share;
  • comment;
  • View;
  • add.

The advantages include simplicity and ease of use. In addition to professional clips, there are amateur videos. According to statistics, 50% of video views involve listening to music. That’s why famous artists’ albums have started appearing on this platform. The add-ons include Sony Music and Universal channels. Companies that host their content make a small profit from doing so. A small amount of money is transferred to the author for each view.


The music business has gone through a long history of development. New technology has replaced old technology, other styles have emerged, and in the 21st century, records, CDs, and cassettes have become a thing of the past. Now musicians are entering the market without using the services of major record companies. Compositions are distributed on the Internet, including social networks.

Information about music and the introduction of new technology sometimes appears on CNN news. It can be read at A unique method is described. It was used by drummer Zach Danziger, who now spends most of his free time at the computer. He stopped going to expensive recording studios.

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