Contemporary Jazz Sax Legend Walter Beasley Releases New Single/Cover “Déjà Vu” | LISTEN!

Walter Beasley releases a cover, in tribute to two influential performers in his career

Beasley states, “Déjà Vu is my tribute to Dionne Warwick, who was my mother’s favorite vocalist. I would hear her everyday as a child, and as I grew up, I bought every album of hers up through the 80’s. She is my favorite vocalist of all time. Her phrasing is simply unique and soulful and has stood the test of time. Additionally, John Klemmer is an extremely underrated and undervalued recording artist. The way he used space in his phrasing, the way he paced a song, for me was instructive in my development as a saxophonist. The album “Touch” changed my life and remains an important part of who I am as a saxophonist and recording artist.”

Source: New World ‘n’ Jazz