Top 5 Reggae Resources and Websites for Educators and Learners

Top 5 Reggae Resources and Websites for Educators and Learners

Reggae is a music style that discusses social issues, propagates the notion of love, and speaks against sociopolitical mishaps. Reggae music is taught in various music institutions because of its cultural influence on its listeners. Apart from the common aesthetic of reggae musicians, one of the critical features of reggae is the use of the guitar.

When students begin to pursue their journey into reggae, they are expected to find resources to help them to become well-versed in the music style. Because music culture is always constantly updating, teachers are also expected to continue learning about reggae music. Here, we’ve provided you with some learning resources you can use to get better at reggae music.

Features of Reggae Music

In reggae music, the most prominent features are the staccato beats. They are usually played on guitar, but the piano can also be used for reggae. Another common feature is the language used for the lyrics. Reggae music is usually sung in Patois, the local English dialect of Jamaicans. It is a combination of soul and rock. Reggae music usually spurs listeners to either dance or sing along.

Usually, reggae has rhythmic beats, making it easy for listeners to identify them without listening to the lyrics. The beats in reggae are moderate. There are so many popular reggae styles that would take a whole another article to cover. Reggae has a history of styles that have evolved from the original Mento style to a slower Rocksteady rhythm.

Best 5 Reggae Resources and Websites For Educators and Learners

Many people believe that learning reggae simply involves growing dreadlocks and listening to Bob Marley; however, it is so much more than that. Below are the top 5 learning resources you can find online to help students and teachers better understand reggae music and do their music assignments:

~ Twinkl
~ TeachersPayTeachers
~ Essay Writing Websites
~ YouTube Videos
~ Lesson Planet

1. Twinkl

If you’re looking to learn and need many resources to select from, then Twinkl is one of the best choices. The resources available there can help you as research materials for preparing to teach students or even just help students access additional learning resources. In orthodox learning institutions where reggae is taught, it is common for students to be given assignments about reggae and its movements. If students cannot get essay writing help from WritingUniverse or other top online writing services, the next option is to seek resources to aid them in doing assignments – this is where Twinkl comes in.

2. TeachersPayTeachers

TeachersPayTeachers is a website where educators can access the reggae music resources they need for their students. They can access songs, genre material, presentations, and interactive content. Teachers can either directly purchase these materials and use them to prepare their own learning content, or they can recommend them to students who wish to study the concepts of reggae further.

3. Writing Websites

One of the concepts that reggae propagates is freedom and peace. However, students aren’t free from doing their reggae essay homework, so they still have to turn them in to get good grades. When students need access to good essay writing services because of the overwhelming school work, they can use Lets Grade It to get their reggae essays done at affordable prices and with reliable quality. This frees up the student’s time to practice music and improve.

4. YouTube Videos

YouTube has millions of online resources for learning different music styles. You can access videos teaching you the theory of reggae music and videos to learn to play the guitar, trumpets, and other musical instruments used in reggae. On YouTube, you get access to myriad channels that can get overwhelming, so here’s a list of some of the most popular reggae resources for you:

~ Roland Van Renee TV
~ Angeluis
~ 95Jammin
~ Jet Star Music

There are many more channels to check out to learn reggae on YouTube; you can filter through the content and find what works best for you.

5. Lesson Planet

Lesson planet is a teaching resource that provides teachers access to lesson plans they can use to structure their classes. Teachers can also access worksheets, making it easier for them to keep track of learning progress with their students.

Final Thoughts
As you can see, copious online resources are available for reggae appreciators around the globe. With the abundance of websites, courses, music libraries, and online tutors, learning reggae has never been more accessible. This is why you should start learning reggae or expanding your existing knowledge today!

Author’s Bio
Diane Sherron is a music enthusiast who enjoys playing and learning about music. She uses her articles to share helpful content for her audience looking to enter the music industry. Diane is also a sports fan, and she loves watching soccer.

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