Top 5 Jazz Resources and Websites for Educators and Learners

Top 5 Jazz Resources and Websites for Educators and Learners

The field of jazz education and performance is mainly based upon improvisation and the ability to listen. Yet, it is also one of the most challenging genres where learning with attention to detail is the key. Looking for solutions and ways to make one’s life easier, students and educators seek helpful apps, YouTube videos, and various resources that help. Jazz music requires time and patience because it unfolds just like a flower once you learn to analyze and listen to others. As an art form, jazz is also a heritage of the world that has roots in African American music, which means that it also asks you to research and explore to fully enjoy the process!

Top 5 Jazz Resources and Websites for Educators and Learners

1. Thelonious Monk Institute of Jazz.

It is one of the best resources that students and educators will enjoy. It has it all from lesson outlines to the basics that you need to understand before you start thinking in the jazzy terms. You will also find quite a lot about the history of jazz, which will be helpful when you need to write about Jazz Month or the history of the Black American musicians that have contributed to the genre. If you find it too challenging, you may consider approaching a research paper company by asking for assistance with the structure and the facts that will help you to see the origins and the reasons why jazz music is considered a free form of expression.

2. Jazz Standards Library.

You just cannot go any further without checking this great website first. It provides you with a helpful glossary-like index of existing standards, so you will know what people want to say when they mention something simple as 8-bar blues or want to play Along Came Betty in G minor key. It is an essential resource that will also help you learn all the slang of jazz musicians, so you will always know how to respond and what to play when they mention those odd terms!

3. The Amazing Slow Downer App (iOS).

If you are on a Mac or have a trusty iPhone by your side, this app should be your first consideration for all things jazz. It can slow things down as you play some recording, change the key, or even set a specific tempo based on your initial considerations. You can also play with an app if you wish or use the laptop in the software form. Out of all the apps that provide a slowing down option, this one is the most versatile.

4. Smithsonian Jazz Page.

If you want to consider selected free sources for jazz learning as a college student or an amateur with a passion for music or related studies, this resource will be one of the best options to consider. There will be free study books of good quality and tips that will provide you with information on how to organize and practice your hearing skills. Think about checking the best apps for music, so you can record yourself and analyze your progress among other things. Always take your time to explore and remember that it’s a free resource!

5. Learn Jazz Standards Podcast.

The importance of listening to jazz records has been mentioned for a solid reason. It is one of those resources where you can listen to the classic examples of jazz music and learn simply by listening. There are weekly episodes and lots of free lessons and workshops from the best names in jazz music along with helpful tips and special tests. Once you join this great podcast, you will become a part of the global jazz community.

Can You Learn Jazz Music Online?

The answer will always depend on your attitude and the depth of learning because you may focus on the history of jazz music or explore gypsy jazz as an option. The trick is to learn the academic basics and play as often as you can. While you may follow various videos online, you also have to listen and connect with other musicians visually. Since jazz does not require strict forms, you have to improvise and simply catch up where the others have left. The purpose of the online resources is to guide you and provide you with a mental outline as you learn and discover the wonderful world of jazz.


Diane Sherron is one of those personalities who believe in listening to the old vinyl records and collecting every bit of trivia that tells about the musicians behind the music. When she is not playing her favorite records, she loves to write on education, online learning, and academic guidance. Follow Diane to find new ideas and discover inspiring solutions.

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