Producer Eric “E Will” Williams with R&B Icons Coko and K-Ci Hailey Release New Single “Crazy For Your Love” | WATCH NEW VIDEO!

Groundbreaking Collaboration:
R&B Icons Coko and K-Ci Hailey Team Up with
Legendary Producer Eric ‘E Will’ Williams for
New Single ‘Crazy For Your Love’


Legendary music producer, Eric “E Will” Williams with R&B Icons
Coko and K-Ci Hailey

(NATIONWIDE) May 6, 2024 – Today marks a historic moment in the realm of R&B music as the highly anticipated single “Crazy For Your Love” is officially released.

This scorching track released today, May 6th sees the legendary music producer Eric “E Will” Williams joining forces with the incomparable vocal talents of Coko and K-Ci Hailey, promising listeners an unforgettable musical experience.

“Crazy For Your Love” showcases the perfect synergy between Eric “E Will” Williams, renowned for his groundbreaking contributions to the music industry, and the iconic voices of K-Ci Hailey, of the legendary R&B group Jodeci, and Coko, of the history-making group SWV.

This unprecedented collaboration brings together three titans of the R&B world to deliver a mid-tempo masterpiece that is sure to captivate audiences worldwide.

Eric “E Will” Williams expresses his excitement about the project, stating, “I am thrilled to collaborate with two legendary figures in the R&B world, Coko of SWV and K-Ci Hailey of Jodeci, on our single ‘Crazy For Your Love.‘ This project represents a fusion of timeless talent and creative energy, and I believe it will resonate deeply with fans old and new.”

With its infectious groove and soulful melodies, “Crazy For Your Love” promises to be a surefire hit, showcasing the exceptional musical synergy between these iconic artists.

Both K-Ci Hailey and Coko share their enthusiasm for the collaboration, highlighting E Will’s creative genius and the transformative power of their collective efforts.

Beyond his professional endeavors, E Will’s impactful contributions extend beyond the realm of music, earning him prestigious recognition for his humanitarian efforts. His unwavering commitment to making a positive difference in the world has led to accolades such as an honorary doctorate in humanitarianism and the esteemed Presidential Lifetime Achievement Medal of Honor, underscoring his profound impact on both the music industry and society at large.

The single ‘Crazy For Your Love’ is now available on all streaming platforms, so be sure to tune in and experience the soulful essence of R&B at its best.

Stay connected with these R&B titans on Instagram! Follow E Will at @ericwill, Coko at @therealcokoswv, and K-Ci Hailey at @kcihailey for exclusive updates, behind-the-scenes moments, and more.

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