R&B Songstress Syleena Johnson Joins RKD Music Management

Syleena Johnson
Acclaimed R&B Artist Joins RKD Music Management

A Chicago native, Syleena Johnson is a Grammy -nominated Singer, considered one of the best vocalists of your generation, who has scored major R&B hits and have been invited to collaborate with the likes of Kanye West and R. Kelly.  Yet some folks consider her “underrated”. Though she got involved with music during her high school years, initially she was discouraged from getting into the music business by her father, who had many disappointing experiences in the industry. This has been the plight of Syleena Johnson, acclaimed as one of the finest R&B voices to have emerged during the past decade. Having fought the major label system to allow her true identity to shine forth, Syleena now steps forward with her most personal statement to date, her boundary-stretching fifth album, entitled, appropriately enough, Chapter V: Underrated currently released September 27, 2011 on Shanachie Entertainment.

Easily her best all-around album since her second best-selling album, Underrated shows the full range of Syleena’s talent as it moves from the powerful soul-balladry of songs like “Little Things” to full-on club bangers like the first single, “A Boss.” The result is a rarity in the R&B world these days – a true album that flows through a diverse and satisfying complete listening experience. Every song but one was written or co-written by Syleena. RKD Music is co-managing Syleena Johnson with Syleecia Thompson of DYG Management. To learn more about Syleena Johnson, visit RKD Music.

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