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LISTEN TO NEW MUSIC! Flautist Jef Kearns to Release New Single “Reverie” on July 21st, 2017

Canadian flautist Jef Kearns announces his new single Reverie
Flautist Jef Kearns brings a fresh approach to instrumental World Jazz and Pop with the aid of recording engineer/producer Douglas Romanow (Justin Bieber, Chantal Kreviazuk, Tyga) on his newest single, Reverie.

Iconic Pianist/Vocalist Johnny O’Neal to Release New Album “In The Moment” on Oct. 6th, 2017

Johnny O’Neal Set to Release First Studio Album
in 15 Years: In the Moment, Available October 6
via Smoke Sessions Records
While every great jazz musician knows the value of spontaneity, few understand the true value of being in the moment quite like Johnny O’Neal. A rising star in the early 1980s, O’Neal left New York after a mugging in 1986.

Bassist Christian McBride to Release New Album “Bringin’ It” on Sept. 22nd, 2017

Christian McBride Big Band Follows Up
GRAMMY® Award-Winning Debut with
Sophomore Release, Bringin’ It
Iconic bassist Christian McBride has been doing what the title of his upcoming big band album implores for years: Bringin’ It. This highly anticipated release, which follows the Christian McBride Big Band’s 2011 Grammy® Award-winning debut, The Good Feeling, puts his status and skills as an all-around entertainer on full display.

WATCH NEW VIDEO! Nigerian Vocalist Douyé Releases New Album “Daddy Said So” on July 7th, 2017

Nigerian Vocalist Douyé Honors Her Lifelong
Promise to her Father on Daddy Said So
After two successful and well-received classic R&B albums, singer Douyé is on a career path that has taken an unexpected but ultimately logical turn. Douyé (pronounced Doe-Yay) has re-emerged as a very talented jazz singer on her impressive new recording Daddy Said So.

Jazz Vocalist Cécile McLorin Salvant to Release New Album “Dreams and Daggers” in Sept. 2017

This is one of those moments that you cannot predict, manufacture, hype, fabricate or even imagine.
It’s a moment you can only hope to recognize and appreciate … the moment when you introduce your audience to an artist for the ages. You know: those surpassing artists that drew us to this profession in the first place. The ones we will look back upon, proudly remembering our role in establishing their legacies.

Pianist Harold Mabern to Release New Album “To Love and Be Loved” on Aug. 25th, 2017

Seminal Pianist Harold Mabern Assembles
Multi-Generational Band Featuring Longtime Collaborators
and Former Students on To Love and Be Loved
“The greatest thing you’ll ever learn,” Eden Ahbez wrote in “Nature Boy,” his classic song, “is just to love and be loved in return.” That may not be something that pianist Harold Mabern has taught in the classroom during his decades as an influential educator, but it’s certainly a lesson that he’s passed on time and again by example.

LISTEN TO NEW MUSIC! Terrace Martin Presents The Pollyseeds & New Album “Sounds of Crenshaw Vol. 1” | Coming July 14th, 2017

Terrace Martin Presents The Pollyseeds
Group Includes Terrace Martin, Robert Glasper,
Kamasi Washington, Marlon Williams, Robert “Sput” Searight, Rose Gold, & more
The Pollyseeds is a collaborative group of A-list producers, musicians, and creators including Kamasi Washington, Robert Glasper, Robert “Sput” Searight, Rose Gold, Trevor Lawrence Jr, Craig Brockman, and more.

Pianist Uri Caine to Release New Album “Space Kiss” on June 23rd, 2017

Visionary Pianist Uri Caine Joins Forces with The Lutosławski Quartet on New Release, Space Kiss – Available June 23 via 816Music
When worlds collide the results can be cataclysmic, but Uri Caine makes the stars align in thrilling and harmonious fashion on his latest merger of jazz and classical music, Space Kiss.