The Best Jazz Music Hits Worth Researching

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The Best Jazz Music Hits Worth Researching

From its beginning in the early 20th century, jazz has continually evolved to what it is today. Due to its continuous change in each phase of Jazz development, its definition in one phase might not be applicable in another.

Although the genre is widely credited to black Americans, both the African and white Americans were significantly involved in its rise and popularity. Today, there are thousands of classic jazz hits, but some of them have become more established than others. Here are jazz hits that are worth researching.

Characteristics of Jazz music

In its early days, jazz was characterized by a mix of trumpets, trombones, and clarinets. These were the front line instruments and they were combined with others like a keyboard, a line of guitars, drums, banjos, tubas, and double bass. At a general level, jazz music has distinct sounds, a mix of bent notes, modes, swings, and improvisation. These are general characteristics because the jazz of 1920 might be different from the jazz of 1950, 1980, and 2000 onwards.

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Effects of jazz on the people

Although jazz artists originally sought to push for freedom, evolved jazz has several effects on the people. Despite its highly entertaining nature, the jazz culture also has a therapeutic effect. According to science, jazz has a calming effect on the body due to its effect on the central nervous system.

Research shows jazz helps improve focus, increased verbal ability, enhanced mood, and memory. Its power to boost an individual’s spirit can help improve their productivity levels. Other studies conclude jazz can help reduce fatigue and stress, while others say it is a distractive genre that can lead to poor productivity.

Here are the most outstanding jazz hits that are worth researching.

I Got Rhythm

Originally composed by the legendary singer Ethel Merman in 1930, I Got Rhythm was later improved and recorded by artist George Gershwin. I Got Rhythm rose the ranks and became a notable standard in the jazz world. From its release, this hit has lived on and other jazz artists used it as a base for their tunes.

Today, jazz instrumentalists play this hit once in a while but other new tunes have so far been created from its chord sequence. This makes the hit worth researching and the researcher can seek deeper why other artists like Charlie Parkers and Dexter Gordons composed Anthropology and Second Balcony Jump based on I Got Rhythm tunes.

All the things you are

The hit was released in 1939 by Jerome Kern, who had a great influence on the music and film scenes. The hit didn’t have much effect in the entertainment industry at that time because it only made to sell a few copies. However, its effect later is what makes this hit worth researching.

In 1944, the hit appeared in a film titles Broadway in Rhythm. After this, other famous singers produced versions that made a great impact in the jazz industry. Some of the singers that composed its versions are Mildred Bailey and Tommy Dorsey.

Take Five

The hit was composed by Paul Desmond in 1959 but it was recorded by Dave Brubeck. The song became a hit in 1961 and dominated clubs in Chicago. Dave’s composition helped change preconceptions of jazz among the people.

The take five-tunes would later influence other artists like Michael Jackson, who recorded the song All the Things You are at the age of fourteen. Due to its many other classical versions and modern versions that were produced later, the hit is worth researching.


Jazz has had a great influence on people’s culture and freedom. The genre became more popular in the early 20th century and legendary artists like Johnny Greens, Ron Carter, and Dave Brubeck have remained in jazz records as artists who made significant contributions. Their hits became the standard upon which other future artists based their compositions. The big influence made by their music on jazz culture later made these hits worth researching.

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