R&B Singer Stokley Releases New Music Video for Single “She….” | WATCH!

Stokley re-connects with some Minneapolis musical friends for his latest track, “She…”

Recording reunions can be a many splendored thing, or better yet a much awaited event for musical connoisseurs. Mint Condition were once signed to Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis’ label Perspective Records, a surefire combo that soared onto the top of the R&B charts in the early to mid-nineties. Now fans of Mint Condition will be more than joyous to learn that the band’s front man Stokley rejoins the dynamic production duo for his upcoming sophomore solo venture on Perspective, which features his latest single, “She…”

Picking up where this magnetic teaming left off, Stokley’s distinctive tenor voice anchored by Jam & Lewis’ genius slow jam soundtrack strikes a perfect balance of old and new R&B. As expected of Mint Condition’s greatest hits like “Pretty Brown Eyes” and U Send Me Swingin’, “She…” illustrates the perfect woman that impresses upon the heart and the eyes: “(She) is the queen of mine / (She) perfectly designed / (She) without even tryin’, her lips, her eyes, they drive you crazy,” Overall, no matter if it’s a nineties vibe or with an updated twist, this reunion of Minneapolis’ musical geniuses in Stokley and Jam & Lewis is most welcome at any time.

“She…” is currently available on most digital outlets.

Peggy Oliver
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