Songstress Nah-tarsha Cherry Releases Holiday Track “He Was” | LISTEN!

Nah-tarsha Cherry Releases New Christmas Single

Deck the Halls!! They Say….. Happy Holidays!! They Say…..But what do WE Say (Believers)? “HE WAS” is the musical answer to what we say. Our adherence to the commercialism of Christmas has caused most in our modern society to lose sight of the true meaning of why we celebrate this occasion. Penned in 2017 this God given piece, a compilation of a traditional Christmas Carol fused with the statements of facts…. No one knows the day, hour, or minute Jesus was born ending with a simple truth that HE WAS.

This song was written to impose The Truth of Jesus’ purpose on the earth and we pray that all Believers that know it intimately will help spread the Word!!!!

Artist: Nah-tarsha Cherry
Song Title: “He Was”
Label: Shades of Life Music

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