Vocalist SuCH to Release New Album “Wide Nose Full Lips” on Aug. 16th, 2019 | WATCH VIDEO!

With her third full-length, Wide Nose Full Lips, SuCh supplies several levels of soulful genius and a more confident observation on life

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For a soul stylist who once make a dent on a nationwide scale with American Idol, SuCh has already achieved a remarkable career under her own terms in the independent music world. Whether penning her intense insights surrounding real life on her first two CD’s, Stretch Marks and Trial and Error, or spinning a moving perspective of Paul McCartney’s, “Maybe I’m Amazed,” this Denver, Colorado native shares her vulnerable heart without hesitation.

No wonder her upcoming release is suitably entitled Wide Nose Full Lips, a confirmation of the singer/songwriter’s confidence that has matured artistically. For starters, two of SuCh’s previous singles are on tap. The intimate romantic thrills of “Beyond Dark” connects to the quiet storm zone and her spot-on remake of John Legend’s breakthrough hit, “Ordinary People,” showcases her vocal range and articulation. Other highlights on Wide Nose Full Lips include the title track, SuCh’s illustration of what beautiful sounds and looks like, a spoken word collaboration, “Melanin,” featuring Kerrie Joy and the retro U.K. soul up-tempo jam, “The Real Thing.”

Her third full-length Wide Nose Full Lips is expected to be released in mid-August. In the meantime, check out the samples for SuCh’s latest project through most digital outlets.

Peggy Oliver
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