Brian McKnight Returns With New Single “When I’m Gone” | WATCH NEW VIDEO!

Brian McKnight returns with his latest single in two years, “When I’m Gone,” a tale of sacrificing love for the love of music

For almost three decades, Brian McKnight has more than tasted the success of serenading fans with romance on gems like “One Last Cry, “You Should Be Mine” and “Back at One.” Remaining firm to his passion for quiet storm ballads to this day, McKnight’s caressing tenor and flawless falsetto are the essential ingredients that have made all of his hits a solid presence on the R&B charts.

Yet while those sacrifices and solid talent draws the love of fans on the road, those road rigors can play a hardship for those loved ones at home. McKnight addresses this very issue for his latest single, “When I’m Gone.” The tone may be peaceful, but on this track from The SoNo Recording Group, the sometimes frustration of balancing musical highs and romantic lows results in an emotional toll: “I can’t take you everywhere/But I would if I could.” Though the subject matter on “When I’m Gone” is all too familiar, McKnight knows how to sincerely convey vulnerability in making this track rise to the occasion.

In the meantime while his fans are awaiting his upcoming album, “When I’m Gone” is currently available on most digital outlets.

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