Saxophonist James Brandon Lewis to Release New Album “An Unruly Manifesto” on Feb 1st, 2019 | LISTEN TO NEW MUSIC!

Acclaimed Saxophonist & Composer James Brandon Lewis to Release
New Album, An Unruly Manifesto, February 1st 2019

James Brandon Lewis Acclaimed Saxophonist & Composer who the New York Times described as “A Jazz Saxophonist in his 30’s, Raw Toned But Measured, Doesn’t sound steeped in current jazz academy values There’s an Independence about him.” Lewis will release his new album An Unruly Manifesto via Relative Pitch Records Feb 1st 2019.

The album is dedicated to jazz legends Charlie Haden, Ornette Coleman & Surrealism. The Albums’ title draws its inspiration from Manifestoes written by Bob Kaufman (The Abomunist Manifesto), and Andre Breton (Surrealist Manifesto). Lewis describes this album as a Sonic Manifesto, a call to action, a charge to be fully committed to being 100 percent himself musically and the pursuit of that as his life mandate. “Everyday is a chance to discover the truest version of your self and to charge after that
relentlessly” – JBL

Album Information- Personnel – Jaimie Branch – Trumpet, Luke Stewart – Bass, Anthony Pirog – Guitar, Warren Trae Crudup III – Drums, James Brandon Lewis – Tenor Saxophone

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