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A eighties and nineties dance diva favorite, Lisa Stansfield goes Deeper on her latest CD:

Through the ups and downs of her career, Lisa Stansfield finds a way to throw a few invigorating vocal punches since her beginnings in the mid-eighties with the dance trio Blue Zone (featuring her colloborater to this day, Ian Devaney), with producer Coldcut and as a solo international hit maker. The singer/songwriter diva could do no wrong with “All Around The World,” “This is The Right Time” “Change” and the Barry White signature groove, “Never Ever Going To Give You Up” – hits that married pop, funk and dance with shear ease. After a hiatus lasting a decade, Stansfield returned with CD number seven, aptly titled Seven in 2014.

Now into her eighth release, Deeper, Stansfield teams producer/multi-instrumentalist Devaney and soul jazz percussionist/producer Snowboy. As is custom in the past, Stansfield bridges the elements of everything she excelled with during her hit-making heyday. The current single, “Never Ever,” has already reached the top twenty-five on the U.S. dance charts. In the Deeper mix, Stansfield’s colorful vocals are backed with electronica frosted deep funk such as the debut single, “Everything,” the witty storylines behind the pop decorated “Billionaire,” the drum and bass shadings of “Just Can’t Help Myself and “Twisted,” as Latin hooks intertwine with the Motown sound. Yet the major switch-up on Deeper is a mellower soulful perspective of “Ghetto Heaven,” the remake of a new jack/R&B classic by The Family Stand. In essence, Deeper shows Stansfield’s vocal presence, just like back in the day, still run pretty deep.

Deeper is now available on most digital outlets including Amazon and iTunes.

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