R&B Duo Ruff Endz Returns with New Album “Soul Brothers” | WATCH NEW VIDEO!

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After their ‘Final Chapter,’ Ruff Endz returns in 2018 with Soul Brothers, continuing where they left off with their definitive old-school edgy brand of R&B

Sometimes when you think an artist decides to hang it up, a special event brings them back to reunite. The Baltimore based duo of David Chance and Dante Jordan (A.K.A. Ruff Endz) who last recorded The Final Chapter as a digital release in 2010, felt the need in musically responding to the injustice played out in the streets of their hometown. The 2016 single, “Time 4 Change,” was soon the beginning of their eventual return to the studio with the release of Soul Brothers, featuring their debut single, “Virtuous Woman” and “Remarkable,” one of the highlights from this Chance Music Group release. Thankfully, their soulfully charged rapid fire connections about different shades of love which scored their biggest hits, “No More” and “Someone to Love You,” remains their ultimate musical weapon.

Soul Brothers is now available on Amazon, iTunes and other digital outlets.

Peggy Oliver
The Urban Music Scene

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