Singer LeNora Jaye Releases New EP, “Force of Life” | Available NOW

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Vocalist LeNora Jaye Releases New EP, “Force of Life” | Available Now

Force Of Life‘ is a powerful exploration of R&B, Soul, House, Disco, Jazz and Brazilian rhythms. LeNora Jaye shines brightly, her vocals entice, and angelic harmonies seduce with rich emotion. Weaving a lovers magical tale, she is crisp, eloquent, sincere, and true. Sultry and intimate, funky and inspirational, the combination of songbird LeNora Jaye together again with writer / producer Armand Tulumello (Astral22) delights the senses and celebrates music, love and the beauty of life.

EP available worldwide at iTunes (Apple Music), Spotify, Beatport, Traxsource, Amazon, 7Digital Google Play, Pandora, Deezer and more.

Trans Phatt Records

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