LISTEN TO NEW MUSIC! Soul Music Legend Lenny Williams Drops New Single “She Said Oh”

A soul music legend returns with his latest single, “She Said Oh,” which keeps the trademark sexy yet with a major rhythmic twist

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When it comes to certain vocalists whose longevity is unquestionable, Lenny Williams still manages to find different ways in tapping into anything that is urban music personified. Besides his obvious musicality, Williams’ shear tenor with that sweet falsetto feels totally at home at contemporary and old-school R&B and soul and classic blues. Now the former Tower of Power lead vocalist who brought us “So Very Hard to Go” and his major solo contributions, “Cause I Love You, “Shoo Doo Fu Fu Oh,” and “Still,” brings the R&B dance floor to his repertoire with the mid-tempo, unapologetic sexy, “She Said Oh,” the latest on the Bridle Ridge label. Though the electronically programmed beats are quite the departure from his previous body of work, Williams’ gravitating tenor clearly shines during this all-out party jam.

She Said Oh” is now available on the usual music online website, including and iTunes.

Peggy Oliver
The Urban Music Scene

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