LISTEN TO NEW MUSIC! Singer Jor’Dan Armstrong to Release New EP “VIBES” on March 3rd, 2017

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Jor’dan Armstrong Boosts Good ‘VIBES’ Only in Forthcoming Culturally-Themed EP

Jor’dan taps into a flavorful Caribbean vibe in his new release set for Spring 2017.


Atlanta, GA (February 13th, 2017) – Artist, songwriter and producer Jor’Dan Armstrong will be entering Spring 2017 with a bunch of good vibes as he fuses soulful vocals over smooth tropical beats on a 7-track EP sure to spark a reflective, feel-good mood. Fittingly so, he calls the new project VIBES.

VIBES follows his 2016 EP, Confident, which debuted at no. 13 on the Billboard gospel album charts. At first listen, one might be shocked to know Armstrong isn’t from the islands, yet he was able to adapt and create a unique flow of his own that he hopes people gravitate toward in the same way he says he was attracted to the vitalizing Caribbean “music and vibes” that “make you want to dance.” Armstrong carefully constructed VIBES with his best friend, business partner, and producer, Jeshua “TedyP” Williams.

“I’ve always wanted to do a project like this,” he says. “I feel like it’s really dope that I’m able to be an artist [with] freedom in what type of music I want to do. I don’t feel the same every day as far as music. I think it’s so cool how Steve Jobs created iPods and music folders and things like that, to where we could pick any type of genre we wanted to hear and make it adapt to our day. I think the way that I create music is just really off of feeling. It’s really led by God and the spirit of God. Some days I feel like trap, some days I feel ratchet. Some days I feel classical, some days I feel worshipy – if that’s a word.”

Artistic freedom is evident on tracks like his next single, “Count It.” Pulling on a sound similar to “bounce music” signature out of his Louisiana hometown, Armstrong says, “The song is basically about counting your blessings.” His style changes lenses, but the focal point remains fixed on God’s promises of abundant love, incomparable consistency and teachable moments.

Pre-orders for VIBES will be available on all digital download sites starting Feb. 17, 2017 for a discounted rate of $5.99. Upon pre-order, three songs will be released before the full EP is officially released on March 3, 2017.

VIBES: Tracklist

1. “So Much Luv”
2. “Light Up”
3. “Count It”
4. “More Than Friends”
5. “Caught the Vibe”
6. “Teacher”
7. “No Way” ft. Darius Scott

Produced by Jor’Dan Armstrong and Jeshua “Tedyp” Williams

SeaQ Management

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