WATCH NEW VIDEO! FOMO Feat. Chaka Khan, Taka Boom & Mark Stevens – “House Of Love”

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FOMO - House of Love

“House of Love” presents family history in the making when three siblings connect for the first time in music, in collaboration with dance producers FOMO

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After all these years when Chaka Khan and her talented siblings, Taka Boom and Mark Stevens (Aurra) had established their own careers, the thought never crossed any of their minds to work together. Yet this scenario slowly changed when Boom and production duo FOMO (Jamie Petrie and Mark Bell) were piecing together a single for FOMO’s upcoming CD. Yet when Boom heard the hooks for the final tracks, she started envisioning Khan and Stevens as part of the package deal, which ended up being a natural fit for the trio, considering their R&B dance music history. Thus, “House of Love” was birthed, capped by a glorious family musical union making its debut early one morning in a Los Angeles nightclub.

The deep house funk transports those who rode high on those Soul Train’esqe grooves back in the day with significant solo turns from Khan, Boom and Stevens. True to form for all dance club tracks, House of Love from Shaboom Records offers several remixes, including production by DJ Dmitry (Dee-Lite).

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