NEW CHRISTMAS RELEASE: Grammy Award Winning Flautist Nestor Torres Releases “A Holiday Jam Session”

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Nestor Torres - A Holiday Jam Sessiono

Contemporary Jazz Flautist Nestor Torres Releases “A Holiday Jam Session”

Available Now on iTunes and Amazon!

For quite a few years, every time the Holidays came around, my aunt Clara would always ask me when I was going to do a record of Christmas Carols. Finally, one Sunday afternoon I called some of my musician friends and asked them to come to the home studio of another friend for a Holiday Jam Session. I called the tunes on the spot and recorded most of them in one take. No arrangements, no overdubs, no pre-production; only a spontaneous expression of love of family and friends through familiar, timeless songs. After many year of sharing these songs only with family and friends, I’ve decided to share this private recording with all of you.

Nestor Torres

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