Somi Releases New Music Video for Single “Brown Round Things”

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SOMI Debuts Music Video for “Brown Round Things,”
From Critically Acclaimed Album The Lagos Music Salon

Video Filmed on Location in Lagos’ Red Light District

About “Brown Round Things”

“The song was inspired by my reflection on the humanity of Africa’s sex workers. Like most cities in the world, I would see these women on the streets in Lagos at night and wonder how they got there. What was their story? Where was their family? In some Western societies, sex workers have organized unions and can demand rights; In the African context, that sort of liberalism is so removed from our cultural imagination that is difficult to consider that a woman might in fact choose that life for herself regardless of circumstance. I decided to play the role of prostitute in this video as an attempt to reconcile the prejudice we often harbor (myself included) towards these women and in hopes of starting a more public conversation in African society to help women and girls make safer life choices.”

– Somi

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