The Top #100 R&B Slow Jams #7 | Stacy Lattisaw – Love On A Two Way Street

Stacy Lattisaw - With You 1981

Hey Readers – Here we go….#7 of our long lasting, phenomenal list of Top 100 R&B Slow Jams!

Yeah….we are taking FOREVER – RIGHT???

One can never leave out the intelligence and the candid lyrics of hit single “Love On A Two Way Street” from one of R&B/Soul music’s TRUE divas – Stacy Lattisaw. The track easily propelled Ms. Lattisaw’s singing career & fame to major status back in the day (1981) and also marked a time in music where the power of the ballad could rock the billboard charts. Something so un-found in todays’ music for any regard.  If you take a close listen, the lyrics spoke on love in such a way, the song could STILL hold its relevance in our generation now. No doubt. Take a listen below and hear for yourselves…

Love On A Two Way Street” can be found off Stacy’s album “With You” from 1981 off Cotillion Records. It jumped to #2 on the Billboard R&B chart and also reminded folk of the original voices behind the cut – The Moments.

Stacy, now known as Stacy Lattisaw Jackson, had released well over 10 albums to her credit from over the years. Today, her voice is now on the Gospel circuit as well as furnishing a previously published book entitled “I Am Not The Same Girl: Renewed.

Tonight, we celebrate Stacy’s profound legacy with a look at classic ballad “Love On A Two Way Street” as our #7 in the Top 100 R&B Slow Jams!

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