LISTEN TO NEW SINGLE from SOULGANIC, “Singular Vibe (Essence)” | New Album Coming Soon

from Acclaimed Soul group SOULGANIC
“Singular Vibe (Essence)”

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Good Morning Urban Music Lovers….Whats Happening?

The team drops a heatseeking new single for your ears today from internationally known soul group, Soulganic. The ensemble of 4 musicians/vocalists has been around since 2005 providing listeners with their own brand of Funk, soul, old school influenced R&B, & jazz throughout their plethora of compositions and now they are ready to present more new music for their fanbase and many more to come.

Check out the new single, “Singular Vibe (Essence)” above – set to be released on Oct. 1st, 2013. It’s taken from the highly anticipated new disc, Didactic Interstice.” Stay tuned with T.U.M.S. for more information as it comes!

Connect with Soulganic:

Official Website: Soulganic
Facebook: Soulganic
Twitter: Soulganic

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