Soul Singer Rodger Collins Releases “Just One More Time” | Available NOW

Just One More Time: Top Star Award Winner Singer-Songwriter Rodger Collins Releases CD

Just One More Time is trending among the online radio airplay listeners as a precious and sentimental powerhouse. We hear the tender Rodger Collins like never before as he drives the message home connecting on the deepest level with anyone who hears it. When asked how he wrote this lead track for his latest CD (of the same name), Collins simply replied, “I just felt it.”

Oakland, CA, April 19, 2013 –(– Just One More Time, the latest CD from an absolute original master entertainer Rodger Collins has it all; R&B, soul, blues, and more. Released in 2013 on the Garden Tree Media label this CD is generating worldwide buzz from Collins’ fans.

Just One More Time, beginning with the CD’s sentimental lead track, of the same name, all the way to the rocking, funky fantasy, In My Wildest Dream captures Rodger Collins at what he does best. Kenny M, recognized for his skill in remixing and producing blockbuster hits, was brought in to co-produce this CD. The CD with the incredibly powerful and beautiful title track, Just One More Time has an unparalleled gripping emotional value. Collins’ soulful voice goes straight to the heart without fail. The soulful background vocals perfectly blend the voices of Rodger Collins, Niecey Robinson, and house music “chart topper” Jeanie Tracy. The message of Just One More Time is right on time.

The fresh remix of Collins’ hit from the past, She’s Looking Good, captures new audiences with its contemporary sound. Locked Up (prisoner in my own home), a killer urban soul track about protecting yourself from burglars, highlights Collins’ brilliant skills as a singer-songwriter and story-teller. Nailed to the Floor is a Collins penned Blues with an original twist. Collins singing is so believable and real right down to his scatting on solos instead of using the traditional blues guitar (exciting stuff.)

In My Wildest Dreams, you’ve never heard anything like this. Another Rodger Collins original sprinkled with rapping, yodeling and singing is a funky “back to the future fantasy ride” to the wild, wild west and back. And it is funky. Collins leaves the listener with the thrill of being thoroughly entertained. There is pure enjoyment for everyone on the tracks of this CD.

Enough said, listen for yourself—Just One More Time.

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