Singer JUANITA Partners with CARE & ReverbNation to Fight Global Poverty

Soul Singer JUANITA Joins the Fight Against Poverty Through Music

Ft. Lauderdale, FL, April 16, 2013 –(– Soul singer Juanita Johnson [aka JUANITA] has partnered with humanitarian organization, CARE and Reverb Nation as part of the Music For Good program. She is one of the many
artists that is participating in this exciting initiative to benefit
others in need. Through the purchase of her song, Better Dayz, half of
the proceeds is donated to CARE to fight global poverty.

Due to her dedication and committment, JUANITA was selected as CARE’s “Spotlight Artist” and continues her mission to create a positive impact.

Very popular for her sultry voice, soulful performances, and empowerment anthems, JUANITA states, “I am so proud to be a part of this amazing opportunity and provide support to others through music and activism.”

Performing within the US and abroad, JUANITA has appeared in music showcases, fashion shows, events, magazines, and was a finalist in the Miss Black World NY State Modeling & Beauty Pageant. With a very diverse background, she is also the former co-founder of G&J Consulting Services and holds dual degrees in Human Services: Mental Health and Marketing. She is currently the owner of Personify Entertainment (“PE”), a successful global music, marketing, and distribution company.

JUANITA is not only a talented artist and shrewd businesswoman, but a respected humanitarian, as well. She has been actively involved in mental health and wellness movements and has partnered with several charitable organizations. As a motivational speaker and advocate for several years, she has been very instrumental in the fight against stigma associated with mental illness and suicide. JUANITA has participated in empowerment conferences and fundraising events to raise money for education, research, and community outreach programs.

“Better Dayz is a song about encouragement with a hope that life can get better”, states JUANITA. “Life can be difficult, but with available resources anything is possible and this is why I selected this song for CARE. Together we can make a difference.”

To purchase Better Dayz and donate to CARE, visit

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