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Songwriter Samuel Archer Launches New Website to Celebrate Black History Month and reintroduces “Redeem The Dream.”

New York, January 24, 2013 – Samuel Archer (singer/songwriter) has launched a new website and re-introduced his album “Redeem The Dream.” The EP project has seven songs geared to engage conversation on social issues and promotes positivity. The website lists activities to engage students, teachers, choirs, soloists and community groups to help spread the positive message of “Redeeming The Dream.”

The Album – “Redeem the dream” which is the title song, speaks about Martin Luther King, Malcolm X and Mahatma Gandhi and what it will be like if they woke up today, would they be happy with what’s going on in our world or will they be sad and disappointed? “Issues,” (another featured song on the EP) has a strong world-beat influence, which mirrors the ethnic genre on “The Return,” one of Sam’s previous albums.

 In 2006 a documentary was being produced and Sam was selected to sing the title song for the movie, entitled “A Dream Deferred,” based on a poem written by Langston Hughes. On this album there’re many notable moments musically and vocally that touches the listener with peace, love and consciousness.

The Website – Singing groups, dancers and community groups are encouraged to use the title song for their Black History Month performances and/or events. Students can enter into a video making competition and they have the option to use the recorded version or create their own version of the song to use in the video. Students are encouraged to be creative. Prizes will be given for the videos with the most views. Sponsors with interest to contribute a prize must contact the redeem the dream team at

With the celebration of Martin Luther King’s birthday (to be celebrated on January 21, 2013), National Freedom Day (to be observed February 1, 2013) and a full month to celebrate African contributions (Black History Month), Redeem The Dream will prove to be a great resource and a conversation piece.

Visit the website: for more information.

To sample songs from “Redeem The Dream,” and more music from Samuel Archer, please visit

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