New Book Release: “Whitney: Tribute to an Icon” | Available NOW

Whitney: Tribute to an Icon

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New Hardcover Book by Pat Houston, Clive Davis &
Randee St. Nicholas

Available NOW

Whitney Houston’s extraordinary voice made her a star. Her beauty, style, and spirit made her an icon.

this magnificent collection, more than twenty of the world’s top
photographers have joined together to celebrate the brilliant woman they
were privileged to capture through their camera lenses. These
photographs are a testament to Whitney’s dazzling physical presence, but
they also remind us that she was a multidimensional woman: powerful,
vulnerable, commanding, enchanting, thoughtful, bewitching . . . and
absolutely unforgettable— a singer whose smile was as bright and true as
her voice.

Curated by renowned photographer Randee St. Nicholas,
these images, which span thirty years of Whitney Houston’s career, are a
fitting tribute to a legendary recording artist, style icon, and
devoted mother, who touched millions of lives by doing what she loved.

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