FREE DOWNLOAD: Gospel Artist Kevin LeVar Dedicates “You Are Not Alone” to the People of Newtown, Connecticut

Gospel Artist Kevin LeVar Promises Newtown, Connecticut: “You Are Not Alone”
Hit single now available for free as an offering of hope and healing

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(WASHINGTON, DC) — In 2007, Gospel artist Kevin LeVar wrote the song, “You Are Not Alone,” as a response to the deadly Virginia Tech massacre that left 32 dead and 17 others wounded. LeVar wanted to bring comfort to the survivors and family members, and he sincerely believed that the timeliness of the song would one day fade. Unfortunately for us all, he was mistaken.

In response to the tragic Sandy Hook school shooting, LeVar has rededicated “You Are Not Alone” to the people of Newtown, Connecticut. In an effort to bring hope and healing to people across the nation, the song is available for free download at On
Friday, December 14, the world was shocked to learn that 20 beautiful
children and 6 courageous adults were murdered during a school
shooting,” said LeVar in a statement (available in its entirety at
“I can’t imagine the pain the families and community of Newtown, Connecticut must feel. When President Obama addressed our nation with the words, ‘You are not alone,’ I realized that the message of this song is still needed by a nation in need of healing.”

“You Are Not Alone” shot to #1 on GMC and earned a GMC Video Award “Best Video” nomination following the release of LeVar’s debut album, Let’s Come Together. He has shared his message of hope and healing as a regular guest on Christian television programs, radio and through high-profile appearances at the White House, Super Bowl XLIII, NBA All-Star Weekend, the September 11th Memorial, the Tsunami Memorial in Sri Lanka, the Civil War Memorial on Capitol Hill and many more. His hit single, “A Heart That Forgives,” started a movement to inspire one million acts of forgiveness. Visit the Forgive and Live Today Campaign’s website at

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