CD Baby Partners w/Alliance Entertainment to Expand Distribution

Indie Music Powerhouse CD Baby Partners with Alliance Entertainment to Expand Distribution

CD Baby, the world’s largest online
distributor of independent music, is thrilled to announce a new
partnership with Alliance Entertainment, the largest wholesale
distributor of home entertainment audio, video, and software in the
United States. CD Baby’s catalog of almost 400k titles from over a
quarter million artists around the world will now be available for
purchase at all online and brick & mortar retail outlets affiliated
with Alliance. Alliance has a market-share leading account base that
includes Independent Retailers, Big Box Retailers, .com sites, and
Vendor Managed accounts in the US.

Portland, OR (PRWE May 08, 2012

In the first phase of this partnership, CD Baby has delivered over 5000 of its top-selling titles to Alliance,
but this is just the beginning; the scope of the partnership is set for
major expansion. In the coming months, Alliance will offer CD Baby’s
entire eligible, in-stock music catalog (more than 260k SKUs at any
given time).

“The past 10 years has seen an explosion in music discovery options,”
says CD Baby president Brian Felsen. “It’s more important than ever
that an artist’s music be made available through every possible channel—
social sharing, download, streaming, direct fulfillment, and physical
retail; you just never know how a new fan will first encounter your
music, or how they prefer to purchase music. That’s why CD Baby’s
partnership with Alliance will be incredibly helpful for independent
artists. Distribution to the mega retailers was the last piece in the
puzzle for CD Baby to ensure our artists’ music is available

Alliance president Mike Davis adds, “CD Baby’s excellent services and
customer support have helped them build a huge amount of trust with the
artist community; Alliance strives to forge online and brick &
mortar retail partnerships with companies that exhibit this level of
service and trust. We’re extremely happy to partner with CD Baby on what
will be a quality end-to-end experience– from the artist selling the
music, right through to retail discovery, purchase, and ownership of
recorded media.”

CD Baby is the largest digital distributor of independent music in the world. CD Baby
distributes over 4 million tracks to dozens of music retailers
including iTunes, Amazon, Google Music, Rhapsody, and Spotify, and pays
artists weekly for their product sales. From their Portland, OR
headquarters, CD Baby warehouses and ships over 360,000 independent CD
titles to a customer base that spans the entire globe. The company also
offers other services to musicians such as the ability to accept credit
cards at shows, web hosting through their sister company HostBaby, and eBook distribution through BookBaby.

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