Dan Ackerman Releases New Jazz CD, “The Futurist” | Available NOW

Journalist Dan Ackerman mixes retro jazz, funk, rock, and bossa nova in his new music album, “The Futurist”

On his fourth album of eclectic,
original music, radio DJ turned technology journalist Dan Ackerman
explores Brazilian jazz, retro funk, and instrumental indie rock.

New York, NY (PRWE April 26, 2012

The bossa-nova-tinged ‘The Futurist’
is the fourth album from former radio DJ turned journalist Dan
Ackerman. Inspired by his love for classic Brazilian jazz, from Antonio
Carlos Jobim to Sergio Mendes, the album lays bossa beats over indie
jazz rock, with plenty of Rhodes organs and slinky basslines.

Like his previous albums, ‘The Futurist’ is a mix of instrumental and
vocal tracks, combining influences from jazz, funk, and soul, with
lo-fi singer-songwriter rock, creating an eclectic mix of songs that
recall artists from Steely Dan to Beck.

‘The Futurist’ is available now on iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, RDIO, and
other online music stores. CDs are available exclusively through

For more information, visit: http://www.danackerman.com/music

Twitter: http://twitter.com/danackerman

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/danackermannyc

About Dan Ackerman 

When he’s not recording his unique brand of music, New York native
Dan Ackerman is best known as a longtime reporter and columnist,
covering consumer technology topics. He’s a semi-regular TV news talking
head, and has written about music, games, and gadgets for CNET, Men’s
Journal, SPIN, and other publications.

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