“Smokin’ Soul: The Story of Daptone Records” by Sarah Perry (Story of Soul Singer Sharon Jones) | Available Now

Smokin’ Soul: Celebrating the 10th Anniversary of Daptone Records

Award-winning author Sarah Perry
tells the inspiring story behind soul singer Sharon Jones’s rise from
corrections officer to world-touring artist and the small record label
startup -Daptone Records- that put her on the map. Article published by
The Atlas Society.

Washington, DC (PRWE March 19, 2012


Sharon Jones, and the indie record label that put her on the
map, Daptone Records, are at the forefront of a soul/funk revival –a
growing interest in new music, artists, art, and dance moves that
recapture the classic feel of soul/funk records of the 60s and 70s, yet
offer original artistry. Daptone Records is now celebrating its 10th

Sharon Jones & the Dap Kings album “100 Days, 100 Nights” sold more than 100,000 copies.

Their 2010 release, “I Learned the Hard Way,” debuted at #14 on
the Billboard charts and rocketed up to the #2 slot for independent
album. At the same time it hit the #6 slot for R&B/Hip-Hop. This
album also sold 100,000 copies—but in the first four months alone.

After years of being rejected by the “big” record labels, Sharon
Jones, born in 1956, finally experienced her career breakthrough–in
middle age.

Sharon worked for years as a corrections officer at Riker’s
Island, before being “discovered” by Gabriel Roth, who would record her,
launching Jones’s successful international career as the front woman
for “Sharon Jones and the Dap Kings.”

READ: “Smokin’ Soul: The Story of Daptone Records”

> The founders of Daptone Records, Neal Sugarman and Gabriel Roth,
experienced a similar trajectory: working hard and persevering past
early days of low-paying gigs, to finally achieve international

> Both Sharon Jones and the founders of Daptone Records were
determined to offer the highest possible value to their customers while
maintaining control of their own artistic vision. Their entrepreneurial
approach offers inspiration to all who want to take full responsibility
for their career satisfaction.

BIO: Writer Sarah Perry is a recent graduate of the Mayborn School of
Journalism at the University of North Texas. Sarah’s work has appeared
in The Washington Post, The San Francisco Chronicle, The Dallas Morning
News, and Ten Spurs Literary Journal. She enjoys travelling, cooking,
reading, listening to folk music, and writing bad poetry with a pencil
in one hand and a goblet of Cabernet in the other.

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