Merry Christmas! | From The Urban Music Scene to You!

                         MERRY CHRISTMAS!

For a split second, we bet you guys may have thought we would forget about wishing you a special Merry Christmas. But no we didn’t!

On behalf of the entire team here at T.U.M.S., we would like to extend a warm wish for a beautiful & enjoyable Christmas Day to all of you, all over the world! Thank You for making us a part of your decision to frequent us daily, weekly or monthly & share your love for the game of music the same way we do. Cheers to you & your families & may you all have a good one!

~ Terrill & the team at T.U.M.S. – Rob, Marv, George, Peggy, Jerry, Randy, Shellie, Charles, & Cliff!

And on that note, here’s a final Christmas video to share, to be a part of our “Christmas Dedication To You” series, coming from the harmonious connection from R&B starlet Ledisi in
“Give Love On Christmas Day”!

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