Well what do you know….Its our 2nd Year Anniversary!! | The Urban Music Scene . com

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2 Years huh?

Its no big deal. Just an acknowledgment.

It feels like we have been here for quite a minute. Maybe its because of the music we listen to as a group – within ourselves, as opposed to taking it online for the world to see. As they say, ‘music share’, right?

Well, I am more than privileged & respectfully honored to speak on behalf of a great group of friends, music lovers & comrades that makes up the team known now throughout the community of music called The Urban Music Scene . com. In only 2 years – from 2007 on…, we have been blessed to stay consistent, take our gifts for the music we love (or not) & present it by form of review or summary & organize a portfolio of articles in stretches/blogs/pages for the music fans such as yourselves reading this to come & absorb. Yet, none of us really thought it was a mission to do, rather was compelled to allow the passion of music to which we have grown to ‘appreciate’  & share it to the many or most. Whether you like or agree to them or not.

And its not just music. But also information in pertinence to it.

We have a ways to go. But for now, We say Thank You for bookmarking us, for visiting us, for blogging with us & for sending us music & content. Our ‘April Appreciation’ dedicates itself to YOU! We appreciate YOU.

Marvin D, Charles F. Sherard, D’ Mo., Shellie A, Cliff Evans, A.G., Ian Cooke, Peggy Oliver, George Strand, Andre Singleton, Jerry “The Mouse” Clark, Denise V., Rob Young & Myself..

Terrill Hanna
AKA:  JaSupreme
The Urban Music Scene
. com

The Jordan Music Group

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